OPEN HAND – THE TIDES OF CHANGE – Prospering from a Vibrant New Phase in the Great 5D Shift – 5-20-17

Higher Density Blog

The gathering tides are progressively strengthening now in the Earth’s Great 5D Shift. I can feel an underlying ‘rip tide’ having an enormous effect in the way we create our lives, in our careers, relationships and general living circumstances. For those who continue to ignore the shift, life in the old reality construct will become increasingly challenged in the years ahead. Those who align themselves with it however, will find the flow unleashes enormous potential for evolutionary growth, thereby receiving abundantly unlimited resources to support their higher self actualisation, especially where that’s encouraging the shift for other sentient life too…

Confronting Humanity’s Karmic Distortions – the way to abundant living

Humanity has been existing within a consensus reality construct, one that was necessary to explore particular karmic distortions:

  • That life is not about what we consume or create, rather it is the expression of soul, interconnected with the…

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