ONE WHO KNOWS UPDATE – The Choice You Made – 6-19-17 – Ascension With Earth

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ONE WHO KNOWS UPDATE – 6-19-17 – Ascension With Earth

The Choice You Made….

Your life is all about choices.  Every minute of every day you choose one way or the other, to go, to think, to do, to be.  EVERY choice has a result, a consequence, an outcome.   This life you are in right now was one of your choices.  But, was it a good one? Was it the right one? Was it the best choice?   You decide……

One Path

There is only one path in all of creation, and that is Ascension.  That is all there is.  That is all that is “in play” at any given time.  That is the point of your existence over eons.  NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.  There is “ONE PATH” and that is moving from where you are now, to a Higher Understanding, Higher Consciousness, Greater Wisdom.  That’s it.  That Path is “Ascension”…

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