Twin Flame Message ~ Shared Pool of Personal Power Between Both Counterparts ~ June 25, 217


By Sophie Gregoire, 06/25/2017

I’ve recently come to an important breakthrough which happens to be true at a personal level, but isn’t demonstrated at a large scale yet. This is quite new and big to me, but it’s totally possible that part of you won’t resonate with it. 

Twin Flames share the same Solar Plexus, Masculine pool of Solar Energy – meaning being out there in the world, feeling strong and powerful or even “seen”. 

The ego-oriented reserve, container, of Power and Outward Presence energies of both Twin Souls actually come from the SAME pool. Meaning, when one Twin is feeling a full use of their Solar Plexus energy, feeling strong, driven, energetic, solar, active, doing, powerful, able to thrive — the other Twin partly loses access to the common pool of this solar energy.

What happened lately was about reaching Balance at that level between both counterparts. 

First, both…

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